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Netflix on Ubuntu Natively

I’ve written before on how to watch Netflix on Ubuntu, but that still required a VM running Windows 1. Not ideal.

Well now you can run Netflix as a native app. It appears to run on top of Wine and a modded copy of Firefox. Anyway, here’s the video tutorial I used:

This was on Ubuntu 12.10, but that PPA has packages for Precise and Raring too.


  1. free copy of Windows, but Windows nonetheless

The Last Days of Distro…

… maybe?

I’ve been getting significantly frustrated with Ubuntu since upgrading to 11.10. It seems to be getting too bloated for my needs. What’s more frightening is that it’s starting to do too much without my input and (sometimes) against my wishes.

The things I’m talking about are very minor and I’ll get into them below, but the direction is what’s worrying.

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