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Laravel Homestead on HyperV

Update: 2015-11-11 – I’ve finished porting over the PHP 7 branches of settler and homestead. If you want to use PHP 7, follow the instructions on the standard Laravel docs site and here, except use johnpbloch/homestead-7 as your box instead of laravel/homestead-7.

Somebody sent me an email this morning asking me a quick question regarding my recent work getting Homestead running on HyperV 1.

Hello my friend,

I see repository on github about hyperv configuration to vagrant up. What are the commands to start the new machine on HyperV?


I really can’t see any good reason not to share the info with the rest of the world too, so I figured I’d put it in a blog post for the edification of everybody. Continue reading


  1. HyperV is a native virtualization hypervisor for Windows Operating systems. It uses SMB shares by default for mounted directories, which are way faster than VBox shared directories. In general, it blows virtualbox out of the water in terms of performance.

    At some point, I’ll need to write about even using it with Vagrant at all.