4 thoughts on “Create ‘Protected’ Roles in WordPress

  1. Ryan Hellyer

    I tried using this, but couldn’t get it to work. I did however manage to get the class on the following page to function just fine … http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/4479/editor-can-create-any-new-user-except-administrator

    Have you considered turning this into a plugin?

    If not, would you mind if I turned it into a plugin myself and released it on the repo.? We have a use for this functionality at my work and figured it would be easiest for our team members to implement if it was packaged up as a plugin.

  2. John P. Bloch Post author

    Hi Ryan,

    I hadn’t really thought about turning it into a plugin. It seemed too much like a snippet to me, and I always imagined it to be more of a mu-plugins type plugin anyway.

    If you want to release it as a plugin, though, that’s fine by me. GPL is GPL.


  3. Ryan Hellyer


    There was no mention of GPL on it, hence I thought I’d better ask first 🙂

    I may or may not implement it as a plugin. It’ll depend on how much time I find spare to do it. At the moment I’ve just got it dumped into a theme file for my current project, but I think we’ll making use of this quite a lot from now on.


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