TinyMCE Advanced as a Network Activated Plugin

If you’ve ever needed the TinyMCE Advanced plugin by Andrew Ozz, you know that the configuration process can be somewhat tedious.

If you’ve ever had to install it as a network activated plugin on a multisite installation (especially one with more than just a few sites), you probably thought about ditching the plugin altogether.

At work, I’m in the process of building a multisite installation that will consist of more than a dozen sites and they need this plugin. Being the lazy coder I am, I came up with this quick script to force TinyMCE Advanced to use site-wide options rather than options on a per-site basis.

Note: this only works if both this plugin and TinyMCE Advanced are network activated.

Also, this does not stop WordPress from also saving the settings to each site, so if you change your mind later there’s no cost to turning my plugin off.

3 thoughts on “TinyMCE Advanced as a Network Activated Plugin

  1. Rachel

    Thanks! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the TinyMCE settings to carry throughout my multisite installation for the past year. This seems to have solved the problem for me. 🙂

    1. John P. Bloch Post author

      Absolutely unnecessary and could even break feeds by inserting whitespace before the opening xml tag.


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