The Last Days of Distro…

… maybe?

I’ve been getting significantly frustrated with Ubuntu since upgrading to 11.10. It seems to be getting too bloated for my needs. What’s more frightening is that it’s starting to do too much without my input and (sometimes) against my wishes.

The things I’m talking about are very minor and I’ll get into them below, but the direction is what’s worrying.

First, the fact that I can’t remove the workspace switcher from the launcher bugs me to no end. I was using workspaces before Ubuntu shipped with Compiz and have a keyboard shortcut in place. A workspace switcher button in launcher, for me, is more useless than a recursive flag for pwd.

Second, Ubuntu no longer needs me to authenticate to do upgrades any more. So I don’t need administrative access to modify core files? Oh, it still requires a sudo command in the CLI, but not the GUI? Great… Seems too much like windows to me.

There are a few more things I’ve noticed (like disabling the themes I had installed), but won’t get into them here.

It seems to me that they’re pursuing non-technical users more with each release. Which is great, since it will help personal computing in general. But it seems to no longer be a distribution that will most effectively serve my needs.

I’m really happy to see Ubuntu becoming more mainstream. My wife doesn’t have many problems using it, and most of the ones she does have are just out of her ignorance my lack of actively educating her on the subject. 1

This actually brings up the reason I won’t be leaving Ubuntu (at least not until I get a new laptop). It is far more important to me to wean my household off of Windows 2 than it is to have a more “pure” distro on my computer.


  1. Simple things like “this is how you do basic photo importing and editing, such as rotating, cropping, and red-eye reduction.”
  2. I would say “to get my household onto Linux”, but I’d be okay with having a Mac in the house. At this point, I’m just going for *nix based computers.

2 thoughts on “The Last Days of Distro…

  1. Ryan Hellyer

    IMHO, they are moving towards a blend of Mac OSX simplicity and linux power. I’m really happy on Ubuntu and in particular am VERY happy with version 12.04.

    1. John P. Bloch Post author

      Precise was a very solid release (something I’d be very worried to find missing in an LTS release). Little things here and there brought back a lot of my delight in day-to-day usage.


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